A Subsidiary of Capstone & Major Investment

DrivenIQ is a DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) technology company. With their Audience Management Platform (AMP), they specialize in zero & 1st-party data to help businesses best manage their audiences and build solutions for their ideal customers.

ROI-Enhancing Services:

  • Identifying Website Traffic
  • Consumer Analytics & Data Visualization
  • Geo-Zoning Audience Technologies
  • Data Identity Resolution
  • Data Management Appending
  • Data-First Social Media Solutions
  • VisitIQ™
  • DrivenIQ Identity Graph
  • DriveBid™, a Live Vehicle Trade-In Marketplace

Your Secret Weapon in a Cookieless World

  • Businesses need data that is fast, accurate, & up-to-date.
  • DrivenIQ’s identity graph gives power back to data purchasers with instant access to over 230 million consumer household records. 
  • VisitIQ goes beyond cookie-based data, allowing businesses to discover who is visiting their website and provides additional information about the visitor.
  • B2B enrichment data set gives DrivenIQ access to 4+ billion consumer pathways that solves for over 90% of United States population.
  • The identity graph empowers businesses to follow consumers across multiple devices and allows DrivenIQ to build custom audiences for consumers.