Capstone Technologies Group, Inc (OTC: CATG) a company that acquires, operates and organically develops disruptive technologies, today provided an update related to its initial minority interest in data technology and media company, DrivenIQ.

DrivenIQ, the experts in data and data technologies to help businesses best advertise to their ideal customers, announced it has acquired Visitor Data Inc. With this acquisition, DrivenIQ now owns more than 500 million 1st Party consumer records, proprietary advertising technology and geo-location targeting capabilities, propelling the company ahead of 95% of marketers that still rely on 3rd Party data.

DrivenIQ purchased Visitor Data Inc. primarily for its double opted-in First-Party Data Pixel Technology, which matches mobile device IDs on any website with corresponding names, emails, phone numbers and street addresses. This acquisition comes at a crucial time as the world trends towards a cookieless future, with major technology companies having recently disabled cookie tracking.

Consider the following statistics.

  • Nearly 70% of companies have not yet embraced Artificial Intelligence to move past the use of cookies.

  • Approximately 60% of companies have not yet invested in the future of Zero-Party data or 1st Party data.

“Pixel Technology is essentially caller ID for your website,” said Albert Thompson, founder and CEO of DrivenIQ. “Our future does not rely on 3rd Party cookies, which makes Zero-Party data and 1st Party data paramount for brands, agencies and retailers to reach their ideal customers. This acquisition is yet another example of our commitment to build the most robust 1:1 consumer data enhancement platform, where consumers and brands connect and share information directly with each other, while also building a way for all businesses to build and own their own data audiences.”

DrivenIQ is a company specializing in Zero-Party data, or information that customers intentionally and proactively share with a brand and 1st Party data, or direct customer information that a company collects and owns.

Late last year, Capstone Technologies Group, Inc (OTC: CATG), a firm that operates and organically develops disruptive technologies, acquired an initial minority interest in DrivenIQ. Today, CATG fully financed the acquisition of Visitor Data Inc. to further accelerate DrivenIQ’s growth and broaden its footprint.

“We will always support innovative, solutions-driven companies like DrivenIQ that stay ahead of the technology curve to help businesses and their customers,” said Mike Pruitt, President of Capstone Technologies Group and Founder of Avenel Financial Group. “We’re proud to lend our expertise in technology and partner networks, and to provide the capital DrivenIQ needs to optimize and expand its global operations.”

With the acquisition of Visitor Data Inc., DrivenIQ’s technology stack now includes the following.

Consumer Radar: A service that empowers business owners to reach specific people in specific parameters with precise messaging about the products or services they’re interested in purchasing.

VisitIQ+Nurture: A technology that scrubs website traffic against 27 different data aggregators and over 650 million data points to identify shoppers by name, email, phone number and street address.

Geo-Zoning: A Geo-Location Device Capture technology that enables businesses to pinpoint and geographically target customers anywhere, and deliver personalized shopper ads across all connected devices at the household level.

TextIQ: Automation that enables businesses to capture opted-in, TCPA-compliant device data and deliver customized text message marketing campaigns from a business or service to consumers.

Social Radar: A First-Party Data social media solution, backed by DrivenIQ’s VisitIQ™ technology, that helps businesses curate real-time customers on site and build custom audiences on Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to online and offline stores.

DriveBid: A first real-time live trade-in marketplace that connects consumers who want the best offer for their existing vehicles with dealers who need to buy and sell pre-owned vehicles and new inventory.

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About DrivenIQ

DrivenIQ is an omni-data ad tech company that specializes in Zero-Party and 1st Party data to help businesses best advertise to their ideal customers. The company offers a variety of services, including website traffic analytics, geo-zoning technologies, text message marketing, social media solutions, and DriveBid™, a live vehicle trade-in marketplace, to help businesses and marketers engage with their existing and prospective customers, Founded by Albert Thompson, a digital advertising expert and former car dealer, DrivenIQ is best known for its automotive industry data solutions, although it helps small, medium, and large businesses across various industries. Visit for more information.

About Capstone Technologies Group

Capstone Technologies Group, Inc (CATG) seeks to acquire, operate and organically develop disruptive technologies across several sectors where they have expertise aided by a network of experts and advisors. Capstone Technologies Group also intends to invest through a wholly owned subsidiary Capstone Venture Partners, LLC alongside best-in-class investors or directly in proven founders building companies with technologies that will shape the future.

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